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1. The hammers are the most important part as well as most easy wear part of hammer mill.The shape, size, arrangement and quality of hammers have great effect on smashing efficiency and product quality.

2. The hammer quality has three aspects: material, thermal treatment and processing accuracy.
2.1 Material and thermal treatment
Nowadays the main material for making hammers are low-carbon steel, medium carbon steel and special cast iron etc. Thermal treatment and surface hardening (including surface carburization and quenching as well as up-welding with tungsten carbide etc.) can improve wearing resistance performance of hammers and improve working life.
2.2 Processing accuracy
Hammers are a kind of high-speed running component, the manufacturing accuracy of which has much influence to rotor balance of hammer mill. It is required that on the same rotor, the weight difference between any two group hammers shall be not more than 5g. So the manufacturing accuracy shall be strictly controlled, especially for hammers by up-welding with tungsten carbide.
2.3 Hammers shall strike materials directly, so they break down easily and shall be changed most frequently. Hammer abrasion means the working angle was broken, and the hammer is scrap if four working angles are broken.
2.4 The number and arrangement of hammers influence rotor balance, material distribution in crushing room, hammer wearing uniformity and working efficiency of hammer mill.
2.5 The linear speed at the end of hammer has great effect on working performance of hammer mill.