1. Q: How to purchase your spare parts of biomass & feed machinery?
A: Just tell us the brand and model of your pellet mill/hammer mill/extruder/mixer, or provide your drawing, we will make the precise spare parts accordingly.

2. Q: KyMaster is a manufacturer or trading company?

A: We are a trade company but supported with selected processing factories, have a long and good cooperation with these selected factories, providing highest quality spare parts with a competitive price in our local market.

3. Q: Compared with machinery manufacturers, why choose KyMaster?

A: KyMaster is a trading company, most advantage is on service itself. We formed our own special vendor evaluation system with selected requirements, and developed a long cooperation with reliable processing manufacturers in order to make a quality control and timely delivery, which promise you to get high quality products with a competitive price , we’d like to do the largest to bring your purchasing convenience and save costs for you, aiming to establish a strong and long relationship with our clients.

4. Q: What is the raw material for making your ring die?
A: Our ring dies are made of high-quality alloy steel or stainless steel. If used for feed pelleting      industry, we strongly recommended stainless steel. Our custom blank with higher Cr element.

5. Q: How is lifespan of your ring die?
A: Normally, our ring die has long service life with 600-1000 hours. But there are many factors affect the service life of a die, such as 

 ● the composition of raw material
 ● the characteristics of raw material
 ● the moisture content of material before pelletizing

6. Q: How to calculate compression ratio of ring die?
A: Compression ratio= L/D

L: Effective Die Hole Pelleting Length; D: Effective Die Hole Dia.   

You should use the die of different ratio for making pellets from different raw materials.

7.Q: What is the best compression ratio of the pellet die?
A: The best compression ratio is got from the experience, so please purchase your pellet die from the professional spare parts provider KyMaster.

8. Q: How to adjust the distance between the pellet die and roller?
A: The distance between the pellet die and roller is 0.1-0.3mm.