Established in 2014, Located in Liyang, Jiangsu, a original machinery town, gathered lots of outstanding, professional and experienced technical engineers from machinery industry.

Our products
KyMaster spare parts are mainly focus on pellet mill, grinder, mixer and extruder, such as ring die,roller shell, hammer beater, screen sheet, screw and screw head, etc. Our Spare Parts are customized and applicable to different brands, such as CPM, Paladin, Zhangchang, Muyang, Buhler, Van Aarsen, Triumph,UMT,Matador, etc. It is expected that KyMaster will become a one-stop spare parts company for biomass production lines and feed mill plants.

Our value
KyMaster would like to propose us as a serious and reliable company, we are proud to be here and will be continue the work as started, it is still remember the early steps of the firm, with young people ready and enthusiastic, always animated by the same unchanged values of ability and honesty, which will be everlasting.

Our service
♦Understanding customer needs at an adequate, analyzing and solving them in the most functional, economic and lasting way.
♦Now it is formed our own special vendor evaluation system with selected requirements, and developed a long cooperation with reliable processing manufacturers in order to make a quality control and timely delivery, which promise you to get high quality products with a competitive price .
♦We’d like to do the largest to bring your purchasing convenience and save costs for you as far as we can, aiming to establish a strong and long relationship with our clients.